We have created a workspace to not only house the companies almost 50 staff members, but made it a Space to remember, to enjoy and look forward to coming into the office on a Monday and making that excitement last until Friday’s, when the after work celebrations and discussions of the weeks work will happily commence in the new Relaxed canteen area!

Upon entering E D S Engineering – The well-established and stable consultancy is not only stamped into the reception, with the E D S Logo. The Strong Structural Professional influences are evident in the design lines which are conveyed into the robust reception counter and this shape is echoed above into the bulkheads…

This, Together with a touch of Gilding to again convey the Top Brass Service which you deliver to your wide array of clients.

The repeat of the Hexagon shape in the various areas also conveys the Company’s separate divisions which although different, work together in harmony to create a whole.

The Civil and Traffic departments will be guided down the walkways which will flow into the varied Collaboration Spaces along the way.

We would like you to feel that you have been transported to a new dimension in this new workspace space, and that this fills you with a sense of pride and achievement for the important design work that your team undertakes every day.

We hope that the EDS Team will enjoy their New Inspired Space…

We created an authentic office space which included.

Space Planning:

  • Functional Workspaces
  • Natural light
  • Energy Efficient
  • Potential for growth
  • Less resource intensive
  • Flexibility
  • Less build materials
  • Natural Finishes
  • Industrial with subtle Elegance